For Farmers

Being that we are all about saving the family farmers, our food,  our families, and our freedom it is only fitting  that we offer a set of services just for the farmers.

These services are also available to homesteaders and urban farmers – really any one that needs this type of service that is “like minded”.

We offer these services specific to the agricultural and small home based business community:

  • virtual farm store
  • direct to consumer marketing of agricultural products
  • assistance with development and marketing of agri-tourism
  • personalized internet presence including web sites and email addresses
  • brand development and deployment
  • digital marketing
  • planning, development, marketing, and operation of:
    • intentional communities,
    • off grid sustainable communities,
    • co – op,
    • CSA (community supported agriculture),
    • farmers markets,
    • agricultural promoting events
    • “Healthy Family – Local Food Fest” a program of Get To Know Your Farmer, llc
    • Community Gardens – through the “My Victory Garden” a program of Get To Know Your Farmer, llc
    • Agricultural events, swap meets, “bird swaps”, educational events, and more – just ask!

All of these services are available on a sliding scale fee basis (or for FREE – depending service, availability, and objectives of those needing the service) and offered throughout the United States and Canada (select services are availible world wide- Please inquire within) at this time.  Any profits generated are used to farther the programs of our associated organizations in the preservation of

food, families, freedom, and farms.

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This page last updated July 23, 2017